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Unity 3D

Game Engine

While in college I spend an exuberant amount of time creating games inside the Unity engine, both for class projects and for my own independent ideas. The classes that have me use Unity have me use the 2D aspect of it, so on my own time I like to make projects using the 3D aspect of it.

For example for a class I worked on the game Prehistoric Panic which is a 2D game developed for the Android Google Play Store that I helped design the levels and core mechanics for. Whereas opposed to my personal Unity project where it is a 3D horror game that I hope to release on Steam.

Unity Projects

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Unreal Engine 4

Game Engine

My experience in the Unreal Engine really meant a lot to me because normally I have to work in Unity for class assignments so when the opportunity came to be able to work in UE4 I jumped on it. The very first thing I created in UE4 was a tutorial architecture project that was a lot of fun and taught me the basics of the engine.

Since then I worked in UE4 developing a fan level, with the help of an environment artist, based on the Realm of Torment in the original Guild Wars, and a Ludem Dare game called Hello Jello with the help of 4 others.

Unreal 4 Projects

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Creation Kit

Elder Scroll's Skyrim Modification Tool

I currently have worked in Skyrim’s Creation Kit for my Computer Game Modification class and have since made my own dungeon, cave, NPC, and even my own quest. I have also had experience with designing, building, and populating game levels within the Creation Kit.

Creation Kit Projects

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Design Documents, paper prototypes, etc.

For almost every single project I have created there has been some form of documentation behind it (such as: user testing, design documentation, and other preproduction work).

For some projects there was more documentation behind it than others (for example: prehistoric panic was a semester long project that followed the agile methodologies and went from design document to release build).


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Other Skills

C#, ASP .NET MVC, Java, C++, Adobe Creative Suite

While games are my passion I have knowledge in a variety of skills ranging from the above mentioned software skills in both games and web development.

Because my major is interactive media rather than just game design, I have been required to make animations and storyboards, and various websites and mockups.

Other Works