Hey! I'm Trent, and games are my passion.

Game Design Demo Reel

I am a Game/Level Designer who loves to design both levels and entire games. I have created all sorts of games and interactive media projects that range from projects required for classes as well as my own independent works. A couple of the projects were even created during game jams, which are a ton of fun! You can view some of my work on the portfolio page.


Ah, college.

While in college I have spent a lot of time harnessing various skills that are useful in not only the game production process but also in terms of interactive media in general.

What's nice about my college experience is that I have learned a multitude of skills that can be applied in other areas such as web design/development and animation. Nevertheless, I've tried my best to describe some of the skills and tools that I use particularly in games. You can view them on my skills page.


Some might even call me a code monkey.

During the winter of 2014 I started as an intern programmer, and since then I have worked up to an independent contract programmer. However, I have been coding for the entirety of my college career.

Currently my main language is C# but I have learned a variety of languages from Java to PHP. You can view those experiences on my resume page.